Understanding print jargon
We've been in the print industry for more than 20 years – so there isn't much we don't know.


All operations after printing (i.e guillotining, folding, binding, etc).


Page numbers.


A set of letters, numbers and symbols that share a unified design. The design (style) is called a typeface.

Four Colour Process

Full colour printing using four constituent colours: Cyan (C), Magenta (M), Yellow (Y) and Key(black) (K).

Four - Up, Three - Up, Two - Up

Number of similar items printed on one sheet of paper.

Four Back Nothing

Printed four colours on one side only. (4/0)

Four Back One

Printed four colours on one side and one colour on the reverse. (4/1)

Four Back Two

Printed four colours on one side and two colours on the reverse. (4/2)

Four Back Four

Printed 4 colours on both sides. (4/4)


File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a network protocol used to transfer data from one computer to another through a network such as the Internet.



Grammes per square metre. Standard measure of paper weight.

Gloss Coating

A coating applied to printed matter which is quick drying and protects literature from ink smudging and finger marking and gives a gloss finish.

Grain Of The Paper

Machine made paper is made up of many fibres, which tend to line up in one direction due to the nature of the process. This produces a preferred direction or grain along which it is easier to fold, bend or tear paper.

Gloss Varnish

A varnish applied to printed matter to protect against smudging and finger marking and gives a gloss finish. Please refer to coating to see the difference between varnishes and coatings.


A device on a printing machine for holding the sheet during the printing or finishing process.

Gripper Allowance

The margin of paper along the gripper edge of the sheet, which is held by the gripper and cannot be printed on.


The inside margins or blank space between 2 facing pages is the gutter. The gutter space is that extra space allowance used to accommodate the binding in books and magazines.