Two Sides and our environment – busting the myths

Two Sides was established by the Graphics communications supply chain to bust the myths concerned with the environment and provide the facts regarding print and paper sustainability. It ensures that, in the era of rare resources, the unique traits of print and paper for being recycled and renewed can be adored by future generations.


Two Sides lightbulb illustrationThe environment is of great concern and this leads to a misconception about paper production and its impact on our environment. Life without paper is difficult to imagine. Two Sides presents the valid facts about the paper production, use and recycling.

The majority of people have a myth that destroying forests is the only way to make paper. But the fact is that the paper production supports sustainable forest management. Deforestation is caused by agricultural practices, constructions and energy production. Most paper comes from the semi-natural forest where the rotation of planting, growing and logging is organised carefully. 82.7% of the pulp being used by in the UK today originates from Europe, where ancient forests are still protected.

Every coin has two sides, paper production uses trees and consumes energy but it is truly renewable and recyclable. The pulp, print and paper is the lowest industrial emitter, with 1.1% of world’s greenhouse gas emission. Two Sides members inspire forest certification schemes and implement valuable recycling systems. Two Side also supports the reduction of print and paper waste in landfill. The paper industry understands its responsibility and invests a lot to minimise the environmental impact.

The print industry also does everything it can to ensure that print and paper continue to be adaptable and an effective channel for marketing and communication. It clarifies the actual facts and misconceptions about the use of paper and its environmental impacts. The paper industry suffers due to businesses and consumers switching to electronic communications being inspired by themes such as “go green”, “ go paperless” or “save trees”.

There is a myth that electronic communication is more environment friendly than print and paper. But the fact is E-waste generated is more harmful for the environment then paper based communication. A printed newspaper has the same environmental impact as the 30 minutes reading of a web based newspaper.

Two Sides is different from other corporates as it takes responsibility and promotes sustainable business. Print and paper is recycled and reused and also made from renewable resources, so it is a sustainable way of communication.

It’s also worth noting that, according to a recent survey, students taking notes on paper performed better then students who took notes on laptop. (This is another whole new area of study at the moment.)

The industry takes measures for the environment by eliminating negative environmental impacts. It clears facts about the environmental issues and the use of print and paper. Two Sides is putting efforts to maintain the print and paper for commercial application to basic learning by giving facts and better understanding of environmental conflicts.

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